Jesus, Maria, The Devil and Moses

# Working

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift..

papa don't preach

Sneak Peek

Her er en liten smakebit av dagens photoshoot. Skal legge ut resten av bildene senere idag, so stay tuned!

Sommer photoshoot!

Er p vei til en sommer shoot. Blir spennende!

Hper alle fr en superfin dag!! :-)

Some things encourages you to say what's on your heart, right?

I'm not real at all. I'm a character in a cartoon. The one that screams much. Laughs much. Cries much. The one that escapes. The one that believes. The one that jumps out the window and the one that goes through fire for passion.

If it's the fastest way, I cross the cemetery at night -cause I'm not afraid of death, but I'm afraid of boredom. I don't know mediocrity, but I know about dreams. I don't know about limit, but I know about ambition. I am not alone, I am free. Loneliness is another thing, but that's something I chose to be. I get turned on by danger and I get high on making things that seems impossible, possible. I don't know failure, I don't know fear and I don't know satisfaction. I know what I want and I intend to get it. And for those reasons, I will keep searching, working, sweat, love, laugh and cry..... till the day I die.

Runaway bride


Jeg oppholder meg for tiden i Beijing. Og jeg elsker det! Skal prve blogge mer om det etterhvert. Her er noen bilder fra min tid i Beijing slangt:

Har vrt hos frisren.. Whatcha think?

Photoshoot i Beijing // RED LIPS // ;

Did you forget about me?

Null blogging. Snn kan det g med en litt travel hverdag.
Her er det noen bilder fra min tid i Oslo/Usa/Paris;

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